Best way to hang pictures on your rented property

Best picture hanging systems for your rented property

Moving into a new place can be exhilarating: Here’s a blank canvas for you to turn into your home. But as a renter, your excitement is probably curbed by the memory of that pesky security deposit you paid.

We know renters want every £ of their security deposit back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hang a picture or two. After all, apartment decor can make a place truly feel like home. Read on to find out what you need in your toolbox to do some damage-free decorating.

Picture hanging systems

There are many ways to hang art and decorate your walls. Decor Point guarantees a safe yet also flexible way to hang pictures and wall decorations. As a specialist in hanging systems, we develop flexible hanging systems for pictures and other wall decorations but we also offer solutions for hanging drawings, photos or canvas frames. Be inspired by the different possibilities for each room in a home.

Many people look for a hanging system for one particular painting or just for one specific room. However the hanging system will subtly integrate along whole walls of a room or throughout the entire house, whilst giving you the freedom to decorate your walls however you wish, whenever you wish.

Specially designed for residential installation where you can mount the rail easily with mounting clips together with screws. Once the wall or ceiling rail is installed you will have the freedom to hang as many pictures or paintings you’d like.

  • FLEXIBLE: hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: suitable for a variety of wall decorations
  • EASE-OF-USE: one time installation
  • PRESERVATION OF WALLS: never drill another hole
Our products

Checkout our wall mounted picture hanging rail or if you prefer our ceiling mounted picture hanging rail. For hanging hooks and hanging wires.