ARTITEQ Micro Grip

  • Maximum load 20kg per hook
  • Micro Grip Slimline 10kg per hook
  • Compatible with 1mm-2mm Perlon Cord and Steel Cable
  • Self gripping function


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Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. A high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass was chosen for this hook, leading to a 70% reduction in the use of materials compared with previous generations of hooks. In addition to the ecological advantages, the hook is extremely lightweight as a result, and very easy to use.

Artiteq Micro Grip Hooks are fitted with the self-locking Auto Grip clamping mechanism. Clamping force increases with higher loads. The hook can be easily vertically adjusted by simply pressing the release button on top and the fastener’s housing together.

It is very popular specially due to the simplicity of using it with side screw to tighten up on the picture hanging wire or cable.

Micro Grip Lock

This hook allows to conceal the picture’s cord/ wire to protect the frame against unintentional unhooking. The hook can be unlocked by pressing the lock from both sides and moving it up and simply slide it down to lock it again as shown on the image below.

Micro Grip Slim

The Micro Grip 1mm maximum load capacity of 5kg applies to Twister 1mm Perlon.

The Micro Grip 1mm maximum load capacity of 10kg applies to Twister 1mm Steel Wire.

What accessories compatible Artiteq Micro Grip?

This hanging hook works with all our 1.5mm – 2mm picture hanging wires and cables. We also have pre arranged Wires and Hooks Sets.

How to use this picture hanging hook?

This simply designed to tighten with the side screw while on the hanging wire. If you need further help using the mini hook please check out our video demonstrating how to attache the hanging hook on to the wire.

Brand (Manufacturer)


Maximum Load on Hooks

10kg (22lbs)/hook, 20kg (44lbs)/hook

Hook Variation

Grip, Grip Lock, Grip Slimline

Delivery Policy

1 – 2 Business Days


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