ARTITEQ Twister Cliq2Fix

  • Simple, Safe and Strong
  • Perlon transparent wire or Steel cable
  • Available in 2mm
  • Max load capacity 20kg


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Twister Cliq2Fix perlon for extra ease-of-use

Thanks to the development of the Twister Cliq2Fix perlon system, perlon cord now has an additional functionality when it comes to hanging pictures. The hanging wire equipped with the Twister Cliq2Fix system may be inserted in the rail, eliminating the risk of the perlon cord popping loose from the rail as a result of its recoiling effect. This makes it extra safe, and easy to slide into the rail. In other words, extra ease-of-use.

  • FLEXIBLE: click anywhere on the rail
  • USER FRIENDLY: easily slidable in the rail
  • STRONG & RELIABLE: max. 20 kg

The Twister Cliq2Fix perlon system is an extra safe system which is easy to slide into the rail, making it easy to use. Hanging and moving paintings can be done easily and quickly, without damaging the walls. View the product sheet for all available suspension wires in the different lengths.


Brand (Manufacturer)


Delivery Policy

1 – 2 Business Days

Maximum Load on Wire

20kg (44lbs)/wire

Made With

Perlon Wire (Transparent)

Wire Thickness


Wire Length

100cm (3 ft, 3 in), 150cm (4 ft, 11 in), 200cm (6 ft, 6 in), 250cm (8 ft, 2 in), 300cm (9 ft, 10 in)


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